Glyngarth Resorts takes pride in being eco-friendly across it’s two acre resort. By being more sustainable, we can limit or improve our impact on the environment, be more socially responsible and be more financially efficient and prosperous in the long term. To reduce our carbon footprint, we use the vegetables and herbs that are grown locally in Hullatti, the surrounding village, that we have adopted.

The resort employs a lot of local village labour, helping to empower the local populace.

We also operate on 50% solar power, which is clean energy, in an endeavour to keep the planet green. To control the usage of carbon fuelled regular electricity, we use only 100 LED powered bulbs. Another ‘green’ step is segregating and sending all the waste generated from the resort, to the recycling plant unit, run by the TN government. Special care is also taken to see that no waste is disposed off, in the neighbouring villages or the jungle, which is home to a variety of wildlife.


  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurants
  • Outdoor Private Jacuzzi
  • Sauna & Spa
  • Parking lot
  • Private Dining
  • In-house Bakery
  • Barbecue

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